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Gold Prices… Get the 2013 Forecast!

For the first three months of the year the price of gold took a modest beating -- after reaching a high near $1,700 in January, prices took a dive the following month to $1,565. Here at the end of the first quarter prices have stabilized around $1,600.

What's the next stop for the Midas metal?

Recently, I sat down with Byron King and asked him a couple of the most-asked questions I hear in the gold space. When asked where he sees the price of gold in 2013, here's what Byron had to say:

It's time to pull the curtain back on China's gold-holding ambitions.

Recently, I sat in on a conference call with our intrepid geologist Byron King -- something I do often to get caught up on his recent travels and profit plays.

We talked -- well, I mainly just listened -- for nearly an hour and Byron spilled the beans on the history behind China's massive gold grab.

This time, though, I did something I've never done before.

Prior to this revealing conversation with Byron, I hit the record button! With Byron's consent of course, I was able to record and transcribe the most important sections of his tell-all conversation.

Consider this your front row seat to our usually top-secret meetings.

Best of all, you can get started immediately. Click the link below to get started with Part I…

Transcript of Market Conference Call #1: "The End of an Era" -- Pt1.

Transcript of Market Conference Call #2: "A Bold Prediction for Gold" -- Pt2″.

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